Born under the light of a winter moon, the idea of a design studio embodies long stories about future, light, comfort, a path to follow, and art as the way to materialize feelings.

A multidisciplinary design studio (from graphics to furniture, commercial spaces and product design).

Each design piece is created around a strong belief in what makes us unique and keeps us dreaming about love, beauty and purity.

We often pair historical elements with contemporary forms to create design objects that feel familiar, yet totally new.

VerdeFish aims to make a space suitable for dreaming, bold enough to be itself, ready to be yours.

Due to this, we offer small-batch production signed models, that are more often associated with boutique studios, and we are committed to on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client’s needs.

Back in the day we used to dream, and all along our journey something remains the same:  our goal is to sell more than design - pure emotions.

Our Clients Opinions