Wir sind ein Start-up und waren auf der Suche nach einem mobilen Verkaufsstand mit Verkostungsbar für unsere Events. In Verdefish haben wir einen Partner gefunden, der dafür eine hochwertige, modulare und gleichzeitig kostengünstige Lösung entwickelt und das Projekt in nur zwei Wochen umgesetzt hat. Das war außergewöhnlich. Vielen Dank! – Oliver Sartena (owner of Just Taste Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. - Wien)

"My collaboration with Verde fish has a long path, working on different creative projects such as production for television shows for one of the best Romanian women TV channel, unconventional video projects for social media but also interior design stores development. As far as I see, the unique selling proposition for Verde fish is creativity and versatility on complex design projects. A great visual experience and complex but genuine concepts-turned-into-reality, make Verde fish a pro and reliable partner for imaginative and ground to base yet projects." (Daniela Balaei - former General Director at ASD GROUPE DECO - BONSAI Store,  former Marketing Manager Euforia TV

“Look what came in the mail today!!! Can't believe I have my first Solo CD in my hands, thanks to the HELLO STAGE team! Special thanks to Catalin Orezeanu @ VerdeFish Design Studio for the awesome graphical design.” -  Peter Steiner - trombonist

"Catalin este omul, acel OM talentat si bine pregătit care înțelege mai presus de cuvinte cum sa transforme un vis într-o realitate de poveste. Designul și grija pentru detalii din magazinul nostru au cucerit milioane de vizitatori devenind un punct de atractie. Povestea noastră incorporata in realitate te duce cu gandul catre cerul liber, campul inmiresmat si orizonul nelimitat. Multumesc, Catalin Orezeanu pentru un concept unic in Romania." - Cristina Chiriac - Ambasador al Antreprenoriatului Feminin (owner of Flori de Ie)

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„Catalin Orezeanu has been a creative mind within several of my projects over the last years. He is a quick and most effective worker concerning webdesign, videoproduction and all promotional design-issues and therefore has become an important force in all those fields for me." - Florian Willeitner - violinist / arranger / composer (NP3)